What is Dogplogging?- Cleaner Dog Walking!

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One of the things I notice when walking my dogs is that not everyone picks up after their own dog. There’s nothing more unpleasant than seeing piles of dog crap on the street, sidewalk or grass, left by someone too lazy to pick up after their dog.

I always carry bags to clean up after my own dogs. 

But there’s more to pick up on a dog walk than poop.

Unfortunately, there’s trash. For whatever reason, some people leave trash on the roads and on the sidewalks.

I’ll bet you don’t want to walk your dog in an area surrounded with litter. The good news is that you can help keep your neighborhood cleaner every time you walk your dog.

You can take action and start dogplogging. 

Today – right now!

But what the heck is plogging?

Dogplogging combines dog walking with plogging.

Recently, I came across a site that promotes trash pickup when people are out jogging. It’s an activity known as plogging.

Plogging = Jogging + Plogga Up

Plogging got its start in Sweden. The term is a combination of “running” and “plogga up” – the Swedish term for “pick up.” 

Plogging has quickly expanded from Sweden and become a worldwide phenomenon. 

This video details how plogging has inspired people around the globe to keep garbage out of their surroundings, while keeping physically fit.

Dogplogging – The Cleaner Way to Walk Your Dog

Though plogging began with runners, you don’t have to be an athlete to be a dogplogger. Simply, leash up your dog, grab a bag and go for your usual walk. This time, though, pick up any trash or recyclables you see along the way.

You’re already outside on a walk, so why not pick up any trash you find along the way?

That’s what dogplogging is all about. 

They’re Dogplogging in Philly

Here’s a look at how a group of folks in Philadelphia are dogplogging their way to a cleaner city.

I generally don’t run with my dogs, but I do walk them and carry bags anyway.

On my usual route, I walk behind an elementary school where there is a playground and a couple of paved paths. Kids are always going back and forth, either walking or riding bikes. This means I find all sorts of things dropped on the ground. Most often I find food packages, candy wrappers and pieces of candy, and other odds and ends like school supplies.

On the other side of the path is a soccer field and an area of woods and marsh. These lands are frequented by birds, rabbits, deer and other wildlife. So cleaning up also helps the local critters deal with less litter in their environment.

All these things can be potentially dangerous to your dog and other wildlife. So I started carrying an extra bag when I walk my dogs to pick up trash I find along the way.

And here in Wisconsin, we recycle pretty much everything. When I find a pop can or plastic bottle, I tuck it into the bag. When I get home, I drop recyclables into my bin and trash into the garbage can. This  – again, helps re-purpose items that should never be in the waste stream or landscape

It’s Easy to Start Dogplogging

All you need to start dogplogging is an extra bag to pick up the trash you see along the way. If you don’t feel comfortable picking it up with your hands, you can always wear a pair of plastic gloves or even carry along a litter pick up grabber.

With these you don’t have to bend over time and again, putting strain on your back. You can just reach out, squeeze the grabber, pull up the trash and put it in your bag. If you walk multiple dogs this may not be an option, but if you walk just one dog or a pair of well-behaved dogs, this can be pretty easy to do.

You Can Make A Difference

Dogplogging makes it possible for one person to make a difference in their own neighborhood. You may not pick up all the trash or recyclables out there, but it’s a start. And if one person does it and then another person does it, some real strides can be made to keep the landscape cleaner and safer. It’s good for your dog, your neighbor’s dog and every other dog that’s around.

Grab a Bag and Start Dogplogging

So the next time you take your dog for a walk, bring an extra bag. 

If you see trash throw it in your bag and keep filling your bag until there’s no more room. If you do this day after day, you’ll definitely notice a difference in that area you usually walk. You’ll feel a sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment and just an overall feeling of good will.

So get out with your best, furry friend and start dogplogging today.

Clean it up!

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