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Pet Stairs for Beds 36 Inches High – Best Choices and 1 Not So

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Welcome to SportyDogGuide’s Pet Stairs For Beds 36 Inches High review!

My dogs have slept on my bed for as long as I can remember. Although I’ve never owned a bed higher than two-feet-tall, I know how important it is for a dog to be able to get up and get down from a bed without issues.

The height of an average bed today is around 24 inches. However, if you own an antique bed or have a very thick mattress and/or box spring, the edge of your mattress could be as high as 36 inches.

A tall bed might be the perfect style for your bedroom, but the extra height can be challenging for your dog to navigate. If you want to share your tall bed with a dog, he or she might need some help getting up there. One of the easiest ways is with pet stairs.

Pet Stairs: Does Your Dog Really Need Them?

Pet stairs aren’t just for small dogs, whose legs might not have the power to enable leaping onto a 36-inch bed. Older dogs, too, often need help getting up where they used to go effortlessly.

When Calvin, one of my beloved Springer Spaniels from the past, turned 10 I noticed he was not as nimble jumping up onto the bed as before. I brought a set of pet stairs into the bedroom and he immediately began to use them – and did so for more than 5 years, until we had to say goodbye.  The stairs saved him from extra wear and tear and gave him have a better life. If I had a very tall bed, I would immediately put pet stairs on the side regardless of how young my dog might be.

In fact, some dogs, like Calvin, just enjoy using pet stairs as they offer a bit of stimulus and fun every time they travel up and down the steps. And walking down 3-feet of steps is much easier on a dog’s body and joints than jumping off a bed onto a hardwood floor or even carpet. If I had a very tall bed, I would immediately put pet stairs on the side regardless of how young my dog might be.

Choosing Tall Enough Pet Stairs for Tall Beds

There are plenty of pet stairs on the market, but very few of them are high enough for your dog to step up to a extra tall bed. There are 5-step stairs that are just too short for a 36-inch high bed. And remember, it’s important that your dog can use the stairs not just to go up but to go down. It may be easy to jump off that last stair onto the bed, but a very different deal when descending.

Your best choice should be based on the size of your dog, the height of your bed and how the pet steps will complement the design and aesthetic of your bed and bedroom as a whole.

Where to Place Extra Tall Pet Stairs?

Because most tall beds have equally high footboards, the stairs you choose for your dog will most likely be placed on the side of the bed. So make sure you have adequate space between the bedside and any adjacent walls or doors.

Here’s a rundown of extra tall pet stairs, with recommendations for small to large dogs.


Recommended Pet Stairs for Beds 36 Inches Tall: Small to Medium Dogs (Up to 60 pounds)

Pet Stairs for Beds 36 Inches High – Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs

Pet Gear’s Easy Step IV Pet Stairs

The Easy Step IV Pet Stairs are made with blow-molded plastic pieces that are designed to snap together without tools. Assembled, the unit weighs 15 pounds and has a 150-pound capacity.

The Easy Step IV has four 6-inch steps with a top height reaching 30.5 inches.

The top of the steps sport removable and washable carpet treads to make for easier cleaning.

Although the manufacturer builds these steps to meet a 150-pound capacity, reviews from owners suggest it’s better for small and medium-sized dogs.

A customer with a 60-pound dog was very happy with the stairs. On the other hand, another reviewer with an 80-plus-pound golden retriever complained that the stairs wobbled too much for the dog.

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Recommended Pet Stairs for Beds 36 Inches Tall: Medium to Large Dogs (60 to 100 pounds)

Pet Stairs for Beds 36 Inches High – PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Extra Large Pet Stairs

PetSafe’s Solvit PupSTEP Plus Extra Large Pet Stairs

The PupSTEP Extra Large Pet Stairs are foldable, 4-step stairs designed for medium to large dogs. Step dimensions are 15 inches wide, 7 inches deep and 6.25 inches high. The overall height is 25 inches. Likewise, there is a stretch of 11 inches to make that 36-inch bed summit. However, medium and larger dogs should be able to handle that distance.

The stairs can hold 200 pounds yet weigh just 9 pounds. Again, i would err on the side of caution here regarding weight. Customers with dogs up to 100 pounds have reported great success with this model. I wouldn’t buy these for an English Mastiff however!

Although the PupSTEP Plus is made with a hard plastic material, the steps themselves are outfitted with non-skid material so your dog won’t be sliding or losing footing using the stairs.Because they fold, this is a great choice for home and for travel. And it’s super easy and handy to fold this unit flat if you want to slide it under the bed when you need to vacuum the room.

Furthermore, the stairs can serve double duty as a vehicle ramp. Happy customers say these stairs are very sturdy, easy to move around and good quality.

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Not Recommended Pet Stairs for Beds 36 Inches Tall: Medium to Large Dogs (60 to 100 pounds)

Solvit PupSTEP X-Large Wood Pet Stairs

Pet Stairs for Beds 36 Inches High - Solvit PupSTEP X-Large Wood Pet Stairs

If you prefer the look of wood to plastic, than you might consider this wooden version from Solvit.

I say “might” for a reason that I’ll get to momentarily.

On the surface, all looks good:

This 4-step model is 30 inches long, 19 inches wide and 25 inches high. At 16 pounds, it’s light enough for one person to easily set up and/or move it.

It is also foldable for when you want to tuck it away. You get the height and a 200-pound capacity that make it a great candidate for tall bed owners with medium to large dogs.

Those are the good points.

Now the bad…

The quality control of this product makes it impossible for me to recommend. Too many customers have had problems with it. Flimsy construction and poor treads are just part of the problem. I won’t go further than to say, don’t buy these steps!

But if you must:

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  1. Hi
    I was hoping to buy the” 6 step ” plush dog stepper
    But Amazon no longer has any. Can u suggest another place I can buy this much needed stepper
    Have a great day
    CC ?

    1. Author

      Hi. Thanks for your message and update about the Bear’s Stairs Mini 6-Step. I did find the 6-Step for sale at two other online stores, and both offer free shipping.

      A couple lower-priced alternatives to consider:

      This Step IV Deluxe is 30.5 inches high and capable of supporting larger dogs. The steps have more space between than the Mini 6-Step, but those with small dogs have reported good success with these steps.

      Another lower-cost alternative is this 30-inch tall Beds 4 All Step. I would only consider it if your dog weighs no more than 15 pounds, as the steps are very lightweight and basically just foam covered with fabric.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.

      Thanks and good luck!

  2. Hi! I was just looking for tall stairs for my Morkie. It seems like stairs over 25 inches high is difficult to find and custom steps are too expensive. 2 of the 3 links you have here are for stairs that are no longer available and I’m wondering if you have any new leads. Thank you for posting your findings! Any help is appreciated.

    1. Author

      Hi. Thanks for your message. Yes, it is getting increasingly difficult to find tall pet stairs. For your situation, I would recommend either the Pet Gear Easy Step IV ( or the Arf Pets Dog Stairs ( The Pet Gear Steps reach 30.5 inches high and are the cheaper of the two. The Arf Stairs aren’t quite as tall – they reach 25.5 inches. In my opinion, they look nicer but have a potential design flaw: when the support legs are fully extended, they stick out further than the top step, which can leave a gap between the bed and the step unless there is room to slide the legs under the bed. For that reason, I would go with the Pet Gear Easy Step IV. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi there! need a ramp that would be 36in height—Vet says no steps joint issues all that are out there are 25 any info would be so appreciated!

    1. Author

      Hi. This is a tough one. Most ramps designed for indoor use aren’t long or tall enough to reach a 36-inch high bed. In theory, you can prop up a ramp until it meets the edge of the bed. The problem is that the ramp can be so steep to make it impossible for your dog to use. Not knowing how big your dog is or how much room you have to set up a ramp, you might consider one of the Goplus Portable Pet Ramps ( These ramps are available in lengths up to 8 feet, which would probably work in your situation. And they do fold in half, so you can slide it under the bed when you don’t need it. But it will take up some space in the room. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks! Todd.

  4. Hi, Ive had the Solvit stairs for years and will just add my review in. They’re pretty decent steps – we’ve never had a problem with them, other than when a human being themself sits on them or does something idiotic like that (seriously, two adult friends have thought they could sit on the stairs). They only hold up to about 50lb. With that said, I do only have a 5lb dog so they’re not getting a ton of heavy usage from her. But they look nice and have lasted under minimal weight at least

    1. Author

      Thanks Rachel. For the money, the Solvit stairs are a good value.

  5. Hi, I have a 60lb aging dog. We are nomads who live in one home part of the year with a bed that is 32.5″ high and another home the rest of the year that’s lower, say 24 to 28 inches high (not there now so am guesstimating). We have the means to take the stairs back and forth so am wondering if you have a suggestion on stairs that might work for either location.

    1. Author

      Hi. It can be a challenge to find steps for higher beds now. I’m not a fan of the open-step design and prefer something with more secure footing, especially for older dogs. I would recommend taking a look at the options from Pet Steppin on Etsy. They aren’t necessarily cheap, but the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and you can order steps in different height increments and stain finishes. And they also fold up. Maybe the 30-inch high version would meet your needs for both beds?

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