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Dog Hammock for Ford F-150 – What Size Do You Need?

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Welcome to SportyDogGuide’s Dog Hammock for Ford F-150 post!

Are you looking for a dog hammock that fits the rear seats of a Ford F-150?

Like most full-size trucks, the back seat area of the F-150 is wider than your standard passenger car and many SUVs.

But how wide?

Ford F-150 Supercrew Backseat

The most practical dimensions are indicated by Rear Shoulder Room and Rear Leg Room. These tell you how much distance there is to work with across the seats (door to door) and between the front seats and the back seats.

It can be frustrating trying to find out how much room there is in the back for your dog and dog hammock.

So, we’ve compiled a table of specs showing the amount of rear shoulder room and second leg room for the various iterations of the F-150 over the past 20 years.

As you can see from the table, the F-150’s rear seat dimensions have remained fairly consistent. The Rear Shoulder Room for the SuperCab and SuperCrew models has increased from about 64 inches to close to 66 inches currently. Rear Leg Room varies from around 32 inches to over 43 inches.

The F-150 has one of the roomiest backseat areas among all full-size trucks. So, if you’re shopping for a dog hammock you’ll want the largest size available. If the hammock is too short of the doors, you’ll have unwanted gaps.

Our favorite dog hammock for the Ford F-150 is:

4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover with Hammock

Dog Hammock for Ford F-150

4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover with Hammock

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The 4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover with Hammock is an excellent choice for the F-150 and other full-size trucks. In fact, it’s made specifically to fit Ford F-150s along with Chevrolet Silverados, GMC Sierras and Toyota Tundras.

4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover with Hammock Dimensions

At 60.5 inches across, the Crew Cab Cover has just the right width for a snug – but not too snug – fit in an F-150. It doesn’t quite span the distance door to door, but it’s very close. And that’s what you want.

Outstanding Features

One cool feature of the Crew Cab Cover is that it’s a combination seat cover and hammock, so you can use it either way. It’s a quick exercise to open the hammock and fasten the headrest straps to the front seat headrests for full backseat coverage. When not in use, the hammock folds in front of the seats and is secured by side zippers and velcro. Elastic seat pockets keep it firmly in place around the seat bottoms. 

4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover with Hammock - Heavy duty Elastic Seat Pockets

This model features heavy-duty fabric and a non-slip and waterproof silicon seat bottom. There is also a seam trunning down the middle of the cover. This allows you to raise or lower the backseats on either side. The cover also provides access to all the seat belts in the back and even the arm rest.

Bottom line – you get full function of the rear seats even with the cover in place. 

4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover with Hammock Center Seam

The 4Knines Crew Cab Cover has durable UV-coated headrest straps and nylon buckles for secure attachment. Side flaps cover and protect the sides of the seats.

You can put the cover in a washing machine or clean it with a hose and sponge.

For fit, features and functionality, the 4Knines Crew Cab Rear Bench Seat Cover with Hammock is a top choice for your dog and F-150.

See the current price on Amazon here.



  1. I need a cover that goes from 2020 F150 CrewCab front head rest to rear headrest WITH THE rear SEATS UP! I have a mastiff (soon to be two) and it seems no one makes a covert or use with the SEATS UP! I also want a mesh window so they can get cool air from the rear vents. Any help?

      1. I purchased the knine crew cab floor hammock for our english setters. It fits nice from front seats to back with the back seats up. The only thing is I didn’t purchase the door covers, but will be getting those also.

  2. I need the same thing for my 2021 f150 with the seats folded up, did you ever find a good one to fit?

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